All-inclusive influencer analysis for a clear and predictable price

The influencer identification packages are based on how many pitches you’d like me to handle every month.
No hidden fees. No limitations for smaller packages.
Cancel anytime.

Helping Hand

Ideal for those getting a few pitches a month

  • 5 pitches analyzed and per pitch...
  • 1 actionable advice
  • 1 detailed report
  • 1 ready-to-use reply
  • all used tools included

Total Takeover

Perfect when you get pitched frequently

  • 15 pitches analyzed and per pitch...
  • 1 actionable advice
  • 1 detailed report
  • 1 ready-to-use reply
  • all used tools included

Ultimate Savior

They keep on coming? This plan has got you covered

  • 50 pitches analyzed and per pitch...
  • 1 actionable advice
  • 1 detailed report
  • 1 ready-to-use reply
  • all used tools included

Each pitch is analyzed within 3 work days so you can send a timely reply and move forward with the influencers that will help you grow your brand.

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"We wanted to bring in an influencer to promote our business but had no idea whether she was right for the job. Sofie looked at aspects we would never have thought of checking. She doesn't just analyze the possible value an influencer may bring but also how legitimate they are. Receiving this feedback from Sofie allowed us to feel confident we were making the right decision which in the end was to not proceed. I can highly recommend Sofie's service."

What I check for you


Do all their followers seem real?
Does their follower growth seem natural?


Does their audience engage with their content?
Is there any suspicious activity?
Does their audience seem interested in brands like yours?

Brand match

Is their audience the audience you want to reach?
Does their content communicate the same values?

Content quality

Is their content informative, engaging and correct?
Do they maintain their website well?

Website authority

What's the domain authority of their site?
What does their back link profile look like?
Does their traffic show any anomalies?
Do they know how to rank in Google?

Sponsored content saturation

How often do they work with brands?
Will your brand drown in a flood of sponsored content?

What I don’t do:

Checking all of these things takes hours, even if you have the budget to pay for the various tools that can help you identify influencers. With 7+ years of experience in travel influencer marketing and a range of analytical tools that makes my accountant dazzle, I’ll help you save time and money so you can focus on your core tasks.

How it works

You fill out a questionnaire.

I learn all about your brand and its influencer marketing strategy.

You hop on a quick 10-minute call with me so I can make sure I’m 100% clear on your goals.

You forward me the pitches influencer send you.

I perform an in-dept analysis of their channels and how those line up with your marketing goals.
I send you the results in a report including:
– a quick summary of what to do and why
– a detailed report of my analysis
– an email reply you can copy/paste to send to the influencer

You are confident in whether to proceed talks with the influencer and only need 2 minutes to get back to them.

Get a sample report

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You receive 100% customized advice thanks to the thorough yet quick onboarding process.
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