Save time and money by only saying yes to the right influencers

Helping travel brands save time and money by vetting
the right influencers to work with.

Do you ever get inundated with pitches from influencers who want to work with your brand?

Do you want to properly analyze their work and numbers but simply don’t have the time?

Or maybe you aren’t sure which influencer would be the right fit?

I can help.

Imagine that you simply have to forward every influencer pitch you receive and get back advice on whether they are a solid “yes” or a “no”. Take the advice as it is or dive into the accompanying report detailing why you should or shouldn’t work with them.

All you need to do is let them know if you want to move forward or not – and I provide the email for that too. 


"Sofie looked at aspects we would never have thought of checking. She doesn't just analyze the possible value an influencer may bring but also how legitimate they are. Receiving this feedback from Sofie allowed us to feel confident we were making the right decision which in the end was to not proceed. I can highly recommend Sofie's service."
"I regularly receive pitches from influencers interested in working with our business. Sometimes I know right away if they're a good match or not but other times I'm really on the fence. Sofie was able to take one of these situations and let us know what to do after careful analysis. This saved me a lot of time and gave me peace of mind. I felt so much more confident moving forward with the decision, not to mention a lot of relief that I could hand this over to someone who has our best interests in mind."

Why sign up?

Save time

Analyzing followers and engagement, checking content quality and brand match... Diving into an influencer's profile takes hours. I'll do it for you.

Save money

You can pay high monthly fees for the multitude of tools you need to discover fake followers, suspect engagement and traffic numbers. Or you can let me worry about those.

Get results

Say "yes" only to those influencers who can get your brand in front of your ideal customer, raise awareness, and generate leads.

How it works

Tell me about your brand

Fill out a questionnaire and hop on quick call to tell me all about what you are and aren't looking for.

Forward me the pitches you get

Hit forward on every influencer email pitch you receive and I'll get out my inspector tools.

Get a clear answer - that you can send them

Learn if you should work with them and why (not), including a ready-to-use email to send back to them.

Get a sample report

Want to know exact what you’ll get? Sign up for the newsletter and get a free sample report, just like the one you’ll receive for every pitch you send my way.

A bit about me

Hi there!

I’m Sofie, the person behind the influencer marketing service Influ Inspect. After having worked as a travel influencer myself for 7+ years, I realized there is still a lot of work to do when it comes to matching brands and influencers.

By creating and executing successful campaigns for more than 100 brands – and talking to many more about their struggles with influencer marketing – I’ve learned what it takes to make a collaboration work.

Unfortunately, I’ve also seen how lack of time prohibits brands from properly looking into the influencers that reach out to them. Decisions are based on – sometimes incorrect – first impressions, leaving the brand with disappointing results.

I want to help make sure this doesn’t happen to you.
Learn more about me. 

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